We Are All One...

"We all live within the same illusion and are, in our own way and in our own time, trying to understand the truth behind it all. Some may not be looking at the moment or even in this particular life, but ultimately we will all wake up from the dream and remember who we really are. Ultimately, we will all become one..."

- Aaron Hutchins

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Arguing On The Net

A Message To Those Who Argue On The Net:
"I guess my question is, why is it so important to be right? I mean, why put so much energy into debating others? Has anything good ever come from constantly contesting the ideas of all those who either, are not, or don't think like, you? Has any true wisdom ever really arose from such an interaction? Does the need for people to see your intelligence really outweigh your respect for the thoughts and postulations of others?
It just seems to me like any conversation of that nature is really just a waste of time. Unless, of course, you are one of those researchers who are actually actively producing the data in question, rather than just trusting in, and regurgitating from, the almighty Google. That's how you will show your true wisdom, by finding your own answers and engaging in such investigations for the betterment of yourself and those around you, rather than just simply trying to prove something to the world and arguing your point until others believe you are right. Only the stubborn and the ignorant do that.
Life is a mysterious journey. An intimately personal experience that is not to be dominated and consumed by you, but rather one that is meant to be passionately explored and shared by all..."
- Aaron Hutchins

Saturday, June 20, 2015

More Laws, Less Freedom

I do not often feel the need to expend much energy discussing or writing about politics because I've always felt that I could clearly see it all for the tattered illusion that it is, but every once in awhile I have encounters in my life that compel me to speak my mind on this subject. They are not popular ideas by any means, but to me, I think that's the point. Anyhow, here it is:
On the subject of creating more laws in our country, even regarding gun control, which I understand sounds like a good thing on the surface, I tend to feel that "the powers that be" in our country already have far too much power over our lives as it is and have really already told us too much of what we can and can not do with those lives. Do we really need more laws? I for one strongly feel that when it comes to making new laws, regardless of the subject matter and how much we might think each new law might further "protect" the people in the future, we should first consider just how much we have already allowed our lives to be thoroughly suppressed and regulated by the entire body of laws that we already have. The laws that we tell ourselves are all completely appropriate and even necessary to help keep the peace in our country, but that, at least as far as I can see, really only serve to further suppress and regulate our personal freedom.
In Washington state, marijuana was finally legalized and we told ourselves that we were finally given that freedom to smoke. That we had finally earned that right somehow. The simple truth is though that no one can give you your freedom regarding anything. In reality, everyone is born free to do as they wish, but those who make the laws are so afraid of that fact that they simply can not allow it to be, hence the need for control. It would seem though that we as individuals tend to gladly hand over that control. Perhaps this is because that way of life is all that we've ever known or maybe we have just grown to like the idea that our government might protect us somehow and keep us safe. With every new law applied to our person though, the reality may be that we are, in a way, all potentially somewhat less safe because we are all potentially somewhat less free.
This may be why we're brought up to think of our government as a trusted family member or a benevolent father figure and why we're taught to refer to it as "Uncle Sam" or, to the powerful men who started this country, as our "forefathers". They want you to trust in the "wisdom" of their actions without question and allow yourself to be controlled, as they attempt to lay down the law, like a good father would. I think this control runs far deeper than anyone generally realizes though too, if you think about how our society also teaches us to ridicule and chastise all those who oppose it. We learn to label those individuals with terms like "ignorant" or "conspiracy theorist" or even "un-American", but in reality we have, in a sense, been mindwashed in this way for obedience and made to not question authority and, of this, I think we're not even really aware.
As for guns, they are only a problem because we don't properly care for and educate our people. We work hard to take care of the rich in our society and so yes it's the people who abuse guns in a sort of subconscious, psychological, backlash, but more laws are not the answer. It's less laws and bringing the people out of poverty and desolation that's the answer. Then, people would have no reason to lash out at society and use guns to take from others because they would already have what they need. In fact, if there had ever been a society or culture in the history of the world that properly took care of it's citizens, then I'm pretty sure that guns wouldn't even have been invented in the first place. It's society that's sick, in my opinion. Not the people who commit the crimes. They're just byproducts of a society that simply doesn't care enough for it's own. There would be no reason for crime if we all had more and there would be no reason for laws if there was no crime. Laws are made out of fear of what people might be or do and though they're supposed to be "by the people, for the people", it all just seems a little more like "by the people, who want to control the people".
In short, I think we need to fix the lives of our people, not the laws. We need to start working together to make this life better for everyone, rather than subscribing to society's model of looking out for one's own. I think that pretty much all of us have been asleep within ourselves for too long regarding these things, so perhaps it's time that we began to engage ourselves in that revolutionary process of waking up.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Science and Consciousness

"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature and that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve...I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." - Max Planck(Nobel prize winner and the founder of quantum theory.)
"Science is crucial to our understanding of the universe, but like the universe, to truly understand it, there must be a balance. Those who have embraced science as the only possible method of definitively understanding the universe and who have deemed consciousness as nothing more than merely a construct of the brain and matter as absolute in it's existence, have, in effect, doomed themselves to a state of limited, unbalanced, perception. As such, they will never see anything beyond the physical and, through copious self-defeating efforts to understand our universe, will never find the answers that they seek." - Aaron Hutchins
Balancing Our Perception Of The Universe
Science is more or less the study of the physical universe around us and through science we are able to better understand the physical world. The one problem with this, however, is that even if we someday attain the ultimate understanding of that physical universe through science, it will still never explain what came before the universe or even what lies outside the universe and because of this it will never, in itself, truly, fully, explain the nature of our universe.
Viewing Our Universe From The Fourth DimensionWe live in a 3 dimensional universe and, as 3 dimensional beings within that universe, we are not able to physically see beyond the 3 dimensional space around us. In fact, we are not even able to see the 3rd dimension as it really is. Only someone who lives in the 4th dimension could do that, just as we can only actually see things in 2 dimensions. We only perceive the world around us to be 3 dimensional and not flat based on the way that light hits them and we only perceive there to be depth or distance between objects based on their apparent size. So, we can not see the higher dimensions of our reality because our 3rd dimension is encompassed within them.

Alex Grey "The Net of Being"If we could somehow break out of this universe of 3 dimensions though, then we would no doubt clearly see the reality of our 3 dimensional universe, most likely amidst an infinite sea of other 3 dimensional universes, suspended in the quantum foam of higher dimensional space(or hyper space). We can not however. We can't even imagine what it looks like. Therefore, on it's own, science can never give us the full picture of the universe. This is where the exploration of consciousness comes in.
Quantum EntanglementTo understand reality fully we must study the physical, while also exploring the universe and beyond through consciousness. If everything in the universe truly was once part of one infinitesimally small point of space called the singularity; and if subatomic particles like electrons, which permeate our bodies and everything in the universe, have been proven through "quantum entanglement"(or as Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance") to maintain their immediate connection with one another regardless of distance, then the subatomic particles that make up our brains and our bodies and that facilitate our consciousness surely still have an interconnected link to all the other subatomic particles in the universe that were once also part of that same great singularity that existed before even time itself began. It's this intertwined nature of all things, at the most fundamental levels of our existence, that can be explored through consciousness by tapping into that subatomic link that we all have with the universe itself.
Understanding Reality by Aaron Hutchins
In short, if we want to understand the physical universe and everything contained within that universe since the big bang, then we can most certainly look to science. However,  if we also want to understand what happened before the big bang or what lies outside the universe or even where the universe came from, then we must do so through our consciousness by tapping into that interconnectedness with the universe that lies within the very framework and makeup of each and every one of us, in body and mind. So, in light of these things, it would seem that the clearest picture of our universe, if not all reality, can only be found through a healthy exploration of both science and consciousness.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Time Is An Illusion

"Time does not exist. It's only the way we perceive reality that gives us the illusion of the passing of time. Everything past, present and future, and even every possible thing that could happen, is all happening at the same time, in this version of the universe or any of the infinite parallel iterations of this universe. Everything is, was and will always be...NOW. We are simply choosing to experience each of those nows one at a time, like the frames of a movie, creating what appears to our consciousness to be a sequence of events that tells a story in a forward progression, but, in truth, all time and space is just an illusion of the mind." - Aaron Hutchins

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once...The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein
This conceptual idea of time being nothing more than an illusion is an interesting one for sure. A concept with potential implications that have loomed like a puzzling dark cloud over even some of the greatest minds throughout what we have perceived as recorded history. Here is a great article with more about this concept containing some great scientific references regarding this idea.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Does The Universe Exist?

This question of the origin of the universe has been on my mind more than any other in my life and the pursuit of an answer to this question is the reason I write an existential blog. I truly wish there were more individuals in the world who pondered this great mystery. 

In this video philosopher Jim Holt starts his talk by asking the question, "Why does the universe exist?", and everyone laughs. Unfortunately, I think that type of response to some of life's bigger questions is a fairly common thing, as it seems we have all taught ourselves not to think too much about those things. We even convince ourselves in many cases that questions of that nature are ridiculous questions to ask, perhaps to protect ourselves from the fear of knowing or the fear of how that might potentially change the way we live and think about our lives and how we perceive our reality. 

In truth though, my whole life I don't think I've ever been able to NOT think about this question because it seems so extremely crucial to our existence, so it's always truly baffled me that anyone could go through an entire lifetime without, at least at some point, contemplating this question as well. I believe it's not only perhaps the most important question we can ask ourselves as living, breathing, members of this fantastical universe, but quite possibly the only real question there is to ask...

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Windows To The Old Soul

"You can always tell an old soul by the eyes. They will either burn brighter than the sun with the ecstatic, unparalleled, revelation of the infinite interconnectedness of all things...or they will fall deeper than the ocean under the extreme burden of a lifetime of seeing through reality in a way that those around them are unaware..." - Aaron Hutchins 

The Most Important Truth

"Perhaps one of the most important truths about ourselves that we can realize is that every one of us is filled with the divine nature of the universe and that at the end of the great lifespan of that universe, our faults and shortcomings, and the mistakes we made on this planet, will have had absolutely no significance. Only what we have contributed, and the degree to which we have loved and allowed ourselves to embrace that unity and oneness that we have with all things in existence, will have ever made any relevant difference to the universe at all..." - Aaron Hutchins

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We Are The Gods We Have Worshipped

Here's a poem I wrote today about the future of humanity and the journey of each of us to discover our own divine nature... :)

We Are The Gods We Have Worshipped

"In our dreams,
We live as Gods do;
We shape the world to our liking, 
And create not just places but their faces too.

Thus, in our science, 
We do just the same;
We follow those dreams to create,
And believe that those dreams we can tame.

For in our hearts, 
We hear destiny's call;
We know that we will become bigger,
And understand that the Earth will become too small.

So, in our future,
We will blast lightyears beyond Mars;
We can already see we're becoming more conscious,
And how that itself will take us to the stars.

Then...like a star born from other stars,
that will one day explode outward too,
So will we travel the cosmos, 
And seed it with life, as Gods do.

For the universe is filled,
with the the stuff of creation,
And being made from that stuff too,
Means we're also meant to create from the big bang's cremation.

So our dreams are not trivial, 
They are the sayers of sooth;
We need only to listen,
For us to realize our own divinity's truth.

We are the Gods we have worshipped,
As the universe is made from one mind;
So all this time we've been searching,
It's been us that we've been looking to find."

by Aaron Hutchins
(-aka- LightBeing1111)