We Are All One...

"We all live within the same illusion and are, in our own way and in our own time, trying to understand the truth behind it all. Some may not be looking at the moment or even in this particular life, but ultimately we will all wake up from the dream and remember who we really are. Ultimately, we will all become one..."

- Aaron Hutchins

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Would You Kill Hitler?

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time to kill Hitler? I've been thinking about this age old question recently and have come to some interesting conclusions.

At first glance the answer seems perhaps quite obvious to many of us. After all, killing Hitler would perhaps have prevented the 11-14 million some people from being murdered in the holocaust & would have perhaps prevented a good majority of the 70 million some deaths of World War II. So, it would seem that to trade one life for the lives of millions is easy enough math for any of us to do. The fact that it's still murder by the mind(s) that pass the judgement, the mouth(s) that agree to give the order, the hand(s) that deal the punishment and the heart(s) of those who raise their fists to the sky to rejoice that justice has been done, shouldn't deter us right?

In Western culture it seems that many of us would most likely concur that the act be done. After all, we've been breast fed by Western religion and Judeo-Christian values for hundreds, if not more than two thousand, years; ethics which have brought us such visionary concepts as: "an eye for an eye" must be taken, capital punishment must be upheld, penance must be made to atone for one's sins. Toss him to the lions that he might be judged by God for all eternity! (Our brand of)"Justice" MUST be done.

Conversely, many Eastern philosophies and religions, however, might venture to say quite the opposite. That life is a personal journey of one's own consciousness. That one faces the ultimate judgement for their transgressions in life and beyond from one's own self. That the karmic consequences for our actions and our own revelatory realizations of which...and of our connection to all things in the universe...and of the degree to which we loved those things, might be more severe for the soul of the individual than any punishment that could ever be delivered by man.

Western thinking, on the other hand, seems to teach us to strive for one's own, to right the wrongs of others, to intervene in the destinies of those around us in accordance with our own notions of what should be and how this life should be lived. What if it's not our place however, to make such decisions? Did not even Jesus say, "Let him who has not sin cast the first stone"? Was he not saying that no one among us has the right to pass judgement on another? That it is neither our responsibility or our right to punish the wrongful acts of our fellow men and women? If God created man in his own image and we are all children of God, isn't ending the life of another not much different than ending our own?

It is not my intent to discuss religion here exactly, rather more to present the idea that religion has shaped the beliefs and ideals of the entire world since the dawn of time. It's true that there have been many great teachers and enlightened individuals in the past who have taught us a message love, of peace and unity with all mankind, but religion itself has caused great destruction in the world despite those teachings. It has created a great chasm between the hearts of men that has led us into thousands of wars and to millions upon millions of deaths throughout history. It has brought division to a world that has not yet the eyes to see that the Earth and everything on it is in fact one and the same thing. The earth is a celestial body and every organism on it is a part of that body. We and the Earth are one. 

So perhaps, personally, if I were to travel in time, I think I would not use that opportunity to exact vengeance on those who have wronged us in the past, but rather, I would head to the future with a sense of wonder and curiosity and I would seek out true wisdom from the universe with a heart filled with love.


  1. You're such a great writer, it takes me a few days to let your posts sink in and then try to write an intelligent response lol...

    I agree, I would not have killed Hitler. There would have been someone under his command who would have continued his destruction. And I would have to deal with the karma of judging and killing someone!

    Horrible things have happened. We need to focus on ourselves and each other NOW and in the future so it never happens again.

    I've been pondering something... am I seeing more and more people awakened to positivity, hope, love, altruism, etc because I have been searching out others who share similar interests (and they've been there all along, I just wasn't previously aware of them)... or because there are more and more every day spreading light and love to all? There are so many cool inspiring people! Either way, it gives me hope for a better future ^_^

    1. I see the same thing. While it could be that we just draw to ourselves more people who are like minded, it does seem like more and more people are waking up all the time to the many truths of what life is really all about. Life is a beautiful journey of self discovery; a grand opportunity to be and explore everything that we have in our potential to be; a great gift where virtually infinite possibilities present themselves to us everyday, which result in personal events that mold and shape us along the way; events that hopefully, ultimately, teach our hearts the importance of developing a true, unyielding, unbiased, love for all mankind. :)