We Are All One...

"We all live within the same illusion and are, in our own way and in our own time, trying to understand the truth behind it all. Some may not be looking at the moment or even in this particular life, but ultimately we will all wake up from the dream and remember who we really are. Ultimately, we will all become one..."

- Aaron Hutchins

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You Can Heal Yourself

“If you think you have an incurable disease, you are right. If you think your problem is curable, then you are also right.” - Rupert Sheldrake (Author/Lecturer/Researcher)

The mind plays a very big part in the healing process and there have been numerous studies and scientific findings that show very well that the mind can heal the body with positive, life affirming, thoughts just as much as it can tear it down with negative thoughts and stress. This phenomenon can, perhaps most blatantly, be seen through the use of the "placebo effect" in Western medicine, where the individual is merely told that they're given a remedy for their illness, but they are actually given a sugar pill and, in a staggering number of cases, are cured of their illness just the same. This shift in the body is completely due to the individual's belief in the effectiveness of the pill to heal them. In fact, according to developmental biologist Bruce Lipton, "we know for a fact that one-third of all healings are due to the placebo effect, which is controlled by the mind." He also says that, contrary to popular opinion, that we are not genetically predisposed to have any sort of illness, even if we think it runs in our family and that there are multiple studies that show that adopted children that are raised by families with a high likelihood for cancer will end up showing the same propensity for developing cancer as the adopted family has, even though their blood family does not. This strongly suggests that they developed cancer simply because of their environment and the belief systems that they were born into. So, illness, like everything else in this universe, is directly impacted by the focus of our consciousness.

Even quantum physics has begun to agree with this idea that we live in a perceptual universe, one that molds itself, from the sub-atomic level up, to our conscious focus and thoughts. They've shown this most popularly with the famous double-slit experiment, where an electron is fired at two slits on a surface. They found that the electrons were creating an interference pattern of many slits on the other side, which meant that the electron must somehow be passing through both slits and bouncing off itself. When they decided to look closely and watch to see which slit they were actually passing through, however, the electrons would behave as expected and either go through one slit or the other, causing a pattern of 2 slits on the other side. In other words, when no one was looking the electrons would go through both slits, but just the act of conscious observation of the electrons caused them to snap to one position or the other. This is known as "The Observer Effect" and it stands to reason that if the fundamental stuff that the whole universe is made of can be manipulated just by directing our attention and energy towards it, then we can most certainly do the same with our bodies and heal ourselves from the subatomic level up. That is to say that, in effect, just by focusing on our cells and projecting thoughts of healing upon them, by the very nature of this quantum world that makes up our bodies, our molecular structure will have no choice but to conform and heal itself(no matter what the afflictionin order to show our conscious minds simply what they are expecting to see.

The Heart-Math Institute has also done studies that support the idea that the things we think and feel can affect our whole body, especially when it comes from the heart. In fact, their head Director of Research Rollin McCraty says that they have discovered that "The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG)." They've also discovered, in studies where they measured the electrical output of the heart and brain of individuals who were shown a series of both shocking and soothing images at random intervals, that not only did the heart respond appropriately for each image, but it responded before the brain and, in fact, seconds before the individual was even shown the image. This suggests that the heart is not only the most powerful vibratory force in the body, but it is incredibly intuitive and can even sense things before they enter it's sphere of electromagnetic activity. So, the heart is the biggest projector of resonant vibrations in the body and that vibrational output is strongly affected by our emotions and thoughts.

In the study of Cymatics we can see directly how changing those frequencies of vibration in the universe can alter the very structure of matter. In the video on the left they demonstrate, by pouring salt on a surface and then vibrating that surface at different frequencies, that not only do these frequencies cause the salt to snap into different patterns, but it causes those exact same patterns to form every time for each given frequency. This is how the universe works. The universe, the galaxy, the planet, and even your body are made up of nothing more than vibrating frequencies of sound and it is these frequencies that give the seemingly "solid" objects of the universe their substance and shape. It's what makes a rock, a rock, and a tree, a tree and all these frequencies can be manipulated with our mind.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine and a molecular researcher, has also produced research that shows how our thoughts and emotions create frequencies which change the molecular structure of matter. He did this through experiments with water where he exposed the water to positive and negative influences. Simply by wrapping bottles of water with these messages in most cases, he was able to determine that the water that was exposed to positive influences would build itself up into complex and beautiful crystalline structures and the water that was exposed to negative influences would tend to break down into more of a chaotic sludge of sorts(picture on the right above). Similar studies have also been done in water with cymatics that show that certain frequencies of sound(known as "The Solfeggio Frequencies") can build up the structure of water as well(picture on the left above). So, why is all this important? Well, our bodies are made up of about 90% water, so it only makes sense that the same phenomena apply to our bodies as well.

Truly, there is so much evidence out there that shows that our own positive thoughts and emotions can build up and heal the very structure of our bodies and that the negative thoughts and feelings that we harbor can actually break down the structure of our bodies. This means that we are not victims of our biology and that, no matter what diagnosis we've been given, we can begin healing our bodies right now of any tribulation. Western medicine tries to understand the body by focusing solely on the processes of biology, but they completely forget the fact that, beneath that biology, everything is made up of vibration and energy. The truth is, every single one of us has the ability within our own consciousness to manipulate the physiology of our bodies and heal ourselves of anything, especially when we are projecting those positive vibrations to the body from the heart. We are frequency generators and we are helping to shape this reality every day simply by projecting our thoughts and emotions out to our bodies and the universe around us and that universe is made up of vibrational energies that aptly respond to the resonance of our conscious thought...

"The human heart creates the single most powerful electrical field in the human body...about 60-100 times more powerful than that of the human brain. This is important because the stuff that our world is made of is made of electrical fields and magnetic fields. Molecules of our body are made of electrical fields and magnetic fields. If we're going to change those atoms and change those molecules, we've got to communicate with them in a way that is meaningful and if we're going to do that then it makes sense that we would use the single organ in our body that was designed to do precisely that...the human heart, which is 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the human brain." - Gregg Braden



  1. Cool! I didn't know the heart was stronger electro-magnetically than the brain. Have you heard of Lissa Rankin? She is a doctor that promotes self-healing, you might find her work interesting. I haven't been on Blogger for a while, I have a lot to catch up on... I'm happy to see you are still writing fascinating articles!

    1. Thank you Mel! I haven't heard of Lissa. I see she has a bunch of talks on YouTube though. I will have to check her out. :)